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Plant nutrients for higher yields and certified for organic production This is what you can expect from our products Obst- und Gemüseaktiv and Getreide- und Grünlandaktiv.

Our products from the Happy Green Agro range have been tested since 2013 by recognised crop consultants. And time after time, even we are positively surprised when we see the comparisons directly on two adjacent areas (one with and one without Happy Green product). And we are always proud to know that the product consists of 100% natural substances and has been approved for organic cultivation.

Happy Green – as the name says – more about our biostimulants

What are you waiting for? As an ambitious and curious farmer or as an open-minded private plant and cultivation fan, you should try it out soon to optimise your yields.

If you are not yet convinced, we will try to change that with the following facts right now:

  • Happy Green Agro consists of 100% natural plant extracts
  • It is ecologically completely harmless
  • Happy Green Agro stimulates the metabolism of the plant
  • The roots of the plants grow stronger and can absorb the nutrients better
  • The plants also get less sensitive to waterlogging and drought
  • Your yields increase, and that in an ecologically sustainable way
  • Happy Green Agro is approved for organic farming
  • Since 2013, Happy Green Agro has been tested by recognised crop consultants → click here for test results
  • Our products are perfect in terms of price and performance

All further information on the effects of natural plant nutrients and our Happy Green Agro products Obst- und Gemüseaktiv and Getreide- und Grünlandaktiv can be found at our regular events.

Or you can contact us directly for personal advice. Get in touch with us at +49 4402 595 56 76 and we will answer your questions competently and professionally.

By the way: Happy Green Agro has no side effects on humans, animals or our ecosystem. We take responsibility because we know that our customers will do, too.

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